Want Brilliant Color In Your Winter Garden? Here's Our Picks

Don't let cold snaps and dropping temperatures reduce your garden to drab grey and boring brown! Here's our top 5 favorite cold hardy plants ideal for Orlando that will bring vibrant color to your winter garden.


1. Loropetalum Plum

A basic and hardy shrub with a unique plum leaf color, very low maintenance. Plant in part to full sun.


2. Knockout Roses

Blooms 9 months out of the year and resists cold much better than other varieties of roses. Very easy to grow and maintain. Plant in part to full sun.


3. Camellia

Flowers beautifully in wintertime, color varieties include white, pink and red. Has a long blooming season. Plant in part shade.


4. Cassia

Cold resistant and has vibrant flowers, grows well in garden beds. Hosts several species of butterflies including the Cloudless Sulpher and Sleepy Orange. Plant in part to full sun.


5. Coral Honeysuckle

A lovely plant that blooms in fall with showy yellow flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. Plant in part to full sun.