The benefits of delaying Spring!

The Groundhog has gone back in his hole, and it looks like an extended winter!  And based on the news we see about all the snow up north, we should all be scared to go outside and do any planting!

The good news is that we live in beautiful, sunny Florida and our worst winter days are about as delightful as it can possibly get!  Here a few reasons we should be celebrating this amazing weather!

1. The cool evenings create amazing opportunity to socialize with our family and friends around a lovely fire pit!  There are very few things as wonderful to do in the garden as to enjoy conversations with friends over a glass of wine or hot cider on a cool night, staring into a fire.  Its a time to relax and connect and laugh.

2. The days are fantastic to do gardening and maintenance work.  My children and I love being outside on cool days, raking leaves, shaping beds, even pulling weeds together! These times together create memories and photo opportunities which last forever.  Not to mention the actual work that gets done!  Its surprising to me how much little hands can do when directed appropriately!

3. The cool weather is great for the camellias, roses and hostas!  Believe it or not, the flowers on these shrubs bloom even better and stronger with a cold snap.  Why?  The cold weather knocks back the pests, the mildew and the fungus!

4. Maintenance work actually slows down.  As we all know, most of the plants in Florida grow more slowly, including the grass, which reduces the need to water and mow!  I mow my own lawn, or rather my kids mow, but I appreciate the break from maintenance just the same!

5. Finally, the cool weather clothing.  How fun is it that we can don our sweaters, jackets and boots, maybe even a hat or mittens on occasion.  It is a rare opportunity so lets take advantage of it when we can!  I know my wife especially appreciates the fashion!

So there you have it, 5 great reasons to enjoy the delay of full on Spring.  Now, its time for me to start preparing for the next 'cold' front coming this week.  So I plan on preparing the fire pit and inviting some friends over to hang out by the fire!  I hope you do the same.

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