The Art of Business

The business of art and the art of business...

Designing gardens is an art and like any art there is an expectation of beauty, skill and value.

I am an artist who uses living things and outdoor space as a canvas.  As a professional garden artist and designer there is a promise that is implied when one is paid for the artwork they create.

The expectation is not only will be design be beautiful, meaningful and valuable, but also that it will be done in a timely and efficient manner.

Herein lies the difficulty: most artists are not very timely or efficient!

Many talented artists tend to focus all of their passion on the art itself and have very little consideration for efficiency or schedules!

Understanding the importance of creating art with integrity; having beauty, value, meaning as well as being timely and within budget, is a critical element from a business perspective!

Therein also lies the beauty of the garden design, artists who become business people and allow themselves to participate in the complexity of the business have the opportunity to turn the business into an art form itself.

One of the most valuable lessons that an artist / garden designer can learn is the incredible creativity required to run a business which creates valuable art.