Garden maintenance

Most people don't realize the incredible importance of diligence in maintenance after the design is installed.  The maintenance and upkeep of a well-designed garden is critical for the growth and the beauty of the garden.

It is incredibly rewarding to see a beautiful garden that has been maintained well.  That means the scheduling and the management of the garden routine is considered in the design.  This is just as critical a part of the garden design as are the ideas that are drawn on paper.

What's amazing is how many people want a no or low maintenance garden and believe that it is possible.  In fact, it's actually impossible to have a low maintenance garden that does what a garden SHOULD, you must be there to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you who is competent.

The less maintenance a garden requires... the less beautiful it will be.

There is an old saying that says:
 "the greatest fertilizer for the garden is the gardener's shadow".

I cannot express enough the power of this metaphor.

Life is so much like a Garden.  The same applies whether it is the life of your garden OR the life of your career OR the life of your relationships OR the life of your marriage.

We absolutely need to be diligent in the maintenance of our gardens;  ALL of them, if we want them to be beautiful.

The reality is that the work sometimes is easy but often times the work of maintenance in the garden is drudgery, backbreaking, hot and difficult!  But the result of our hard work and our diligence is beauty and prosperity...

As for me, my goal is to leave this life a more beautiful place, whether it's my little garden OR the relationships with those I love.