Our Design Process

Your custom landscape architecture design build starts with a conceptual drawing done by a registered landscape architect. This process is unique to Fig and Vine and ensures that you receive the most personalized and professional design available. The architect drawing your custom project will carefully consider the perfect combination of a multitude of factors when creating a design. These include your vision, the architect’s vision, the physical qualities of the area, and the overall impact and effect your project will have.The last step in the installation process includes testing the watering features, performing a final walkthrough with the client, and addressing any final alterations. Clients are then given the opportunity to set up a custom maintenance package perfectly suited to their garden’s needs.

Our Install Process

Since we have registered Landscape Architects with award winning experience, we outshine other agencies that cannot provide you with in-house drawn custom designs. Your design will truly be exclusive, and you can rest in the knowledge that only the highest professional work has been done to achieve the end result.


The Finished Product

Our install process begins by setting up a user account for the client in our online project tracking toll. This process allows the client unique access to the production status and steps of their personal garden install. Keeping with the integrity of the design/vision, our crews begin installation with site prep. This includes the removal of sod and old plants, cultivating the soil and laying out the bedlines. Once this step is completed, the plants and hardscape materials are put in place.